Safe and Delicious

Collaborating with large Japanese corporations to import high-quality Japanese food ingredients.

hana-musubi's main food ingredients are frozen in Japan and flown to Hong Kong. We collaborate with corporations with expertise in exporting ingredients from Japan. With regular inspection of factories, constant food temperature management, an advanced logistic network, etc., we strive to provide high-quality Japanese food to Hong Kong.

Self-owned Central Kitchen, strict quality control.

All food from our self-owned central kitchen is under strict hygiene and quality control, freshly prepared every day, and suitable for all ages. Hygiene staff carry out food safety tests in a specially-created testing laboratory at the kitchen. In order to provide the safest and most delicious food for our customers, we uphold the highest standards on everything from our staff's personal hygiene, our shops and kitchen's environmental hygiene, and our Japanese ingredients.*

*All imported food from Japan has undergone strict export checks in Japan and import checks by Hong Kong Customs. There are also monthly tests for radiation by the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department staff at our kitchen to ensure all food is safe for consumption.