Our Omusubi

The "Omusubi" is different from an ordinary "rice ball", as we make every single Omusubi with our hearts. Using only high quality Japanese rice seasoned with Japanese sea salt, each grain of rice is sweet, tasty, and shiny. The Omusubi stays fresh at room temperature for a whole day.

Open the individually-packed seaweed when you eat to enjoy its crispness.

These are the remarkable features of our Omusubi, and why the Omusubi is popular among our customers.

*"Omusubi" is a registered trademark (No.: 301685593).

Japanese Rice

Premium Tasty Japanese Rice

To maintain the prefect texture and taste, we constantly research and refine our methods for storing and cooking rice.

We only use premium brand-name Japanese rice.

We hope our customers can taste the fine Japanese rice that has been nurtured by Japan's pristine water, soil, and air.


High-Quality Seaweed

High-quality seaweed is deep dark-green in colour, lustrous, soft but not fragile, with a pleasant aroma and a delicious flavour. We only use quality-guaranteed seaweed produced by large Japanese corporations, with strict quality guidelines.

Sea Salt

Additive-free Sea Salt

The salt used in the Omusubi, aside from being used as seasoning, also keeps the Omusubi fresh without resorting to chemical additives, ensuring freshness for a full day. Specially-selected additive-free Japanese sea salt is rich in minerals and has a hint of sweetness in its rich salty taste.