Mission Statement

Creating the agriculture of the next hundred years.

hana-musubi cares greatly about the quality of every Omusubi rice ball. To the Japanese, the Omusubi is the most basic Japanese food staple, and also the most able to express a mother's love and the warmth of family. With our hearts and with both hands, we carefully wrap our choice of filling in delicious Japanese rice for those most dear to us. We hold with both hands, forming a connection between people — that is the meaning of the word, “Omusubi.” We strive to make every Omusubi with our hearts in order to bring you the taste of the Japanese family. It is our way of passing our rich culinary culture to the next generation, and our contribution to the development of agriculture in the world.

As if to our loved ones, with the most genuine smile, we serve you our "safe and delicious, with peace of mind" Omusubi, made with true Japanese rice.

Muneo Nishida, Managing Director of hana-musubi